I Know You, Louise Boothe (2002-04)

I Know You, Louise Boothe (2002-04) is a video and digital print installation based on an actual 1941 diary which investigates how we know someone. I display digitally scanned images of the actual pages of Louise Boothe’s diary in the gallery for people to encounter at any point in her narrative. This offers a public process of revelation; such that the day by day and detail by detail, syntax of Louise Boothe’s daily life becomes a signifier for her identity. Some prints feature enlarged images of stains, bindings and folds of the physical diary juxtaposed with selected text to create new interpretations. Charts display data about the number of times Louise Boothe mentions her mother, or has the curse, or starts work etc., offering a statistical mapping of her life. Within the installation of prints, a short looped documentary-style video features people who individually encounter Louise Boothe’s 1941 diary for the first time on camera. They share their impressions of Louise Boothe, and in the process reveal more about themselves. Individually and together these components invite the viewer to speculate about the identity of Louise Boothe and explore the process of how we know someone.

I Know You, Louise Boothe (2002-04) was a feature exhibition in Gallery 44’s Project Room for the CONTACT, Toronto Photography Festival. The creation of I Know You, Louise Boothe was supported by the Banff Centre for the Arts and funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

Download: I Know You Louise Boothe audio extract (MP3 format - 16.5 MB)
Download: Rachel Kalpana James on CBC Radio's Out Front (MP3 format - 13.2 MB)

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Gallery 44 Catalogue, 2005
CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival Catalogue, 2005
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Photo Credit: Marilyn Nazar and Brian Piitz, 2005