The Home and the World (2003)

Peace Taxi is an art project exploring the private/public space of the taxicab, made more vulnerable for driver and passenger by the post-911 backlash of racism and hate crimes. I applied the text, The Home and the World, onto the rear window of the cab. They are the title words of Rabindranath Tagore’s novel exploring the inherent conflicts between the domestic and societal in pre-partition India. The text can also be read as a slogan, advertising the services of the taxi. At night, exterior street lighting at different points throughout the taxi ride casts shadows such that ‘Home’ is cast on the back of the driver's seat and ‘World’ is cast on the back of the passenger's seat. The seemingly magical placement of these word-shadows challenges meanings about the shared private/public space of the taxi.

The Home and the World was created for Peace Taxi, a project by the South Asian Visual Arts Collective (SAVAC) and curated by Cyrus Irani, 2003.

Peace Taxi Catalogue
Globe and Mail, Cabbies give art a chance by Rebecca Caldwell, August 9, 2003

Video Stills Credit: Riaz Mehmood, 2003